Glass Tiles And Backsplashes: Choosing Tiles

Has your bathroom or kitchen started to look a bit stale and monotonous? If so, one of the changes you should consider during a remodel is adding glass tiles to make a statement with your backsplash. Usually ceramic tiles would be the popular choice, but these can be plain and limit your creative possibilities.

Ceramic vs. Glass Tile

If you’re still stuck on ceramic instead of glass tile, let’s look at some of the differences between the two.

Ceramic is known as porcelain and is a very good choice for bathroom backsplashes kenosha wi; glass tiles also make a great choice for your bathroom or kitchen area. The separating factor for these tiles is their aesthetics, as they are similar in just about every other way.

Ceramic tiles look like they have a glass surface, giving your home a neat and pristine look. The color for ceramic tiles is on their surface while glass tiles are translucent, allowing light to penetrate the tile and reflect light off both the surface of the tile and the wall behind it. Glass tiles are perfect for giving the home a surreal and gorgeous look.

Tips for Designing Backsplashes

Now that you’ve gotten a bit more information on the difference between ceramic tiles and glass tiles, let’s look at how you can make your kitchen area or bathroom look amazing.

·    Choose a color for your backsplash that goes along with other rooms in the home, complementing them.

·    Lighter colored or transparent tiles are the best choice for smaller kitchens and bathrooms.

·    Purchase extra tiles when preparing for your project, as some may break during installation.

bathroom backsplashes kenosha wi

You can use a backsplash to add some color to your home and change the way an entire area is seen. Whether you choose ceramic or glass, your bath area can look wonderful.