Tips for Keeping Ticks at Bay

When the warm weather strikes and your household it outside more often, ticks can become a nuisance. Tick numbers seem to rise each year and it becomes more and more pertinent to protect yourself from their bites. Though ticks are small, they can cause large problems such as diseases like Lyme disease. Let’s explore some of the tips you can use to prevent bites.

Minimize Exposed Skin

When outdoors, keep your skin covered as much as possible to prevent them from biting you. Wear long socks, pants, and shirts if you are going to be in a tick-heavy area. This approach may not be ideal during hot weather, though, as the heat can make wearing long clothing nearly impossible during certain times of the year.

Tick Repellent

One of the most widely known methods of tick control canton residents use is tick repellent. These repellents can be found at various stores, including grocery stores, and are designed to keep ticks as well as various other insects from biting. If you are going to be spraying children with tick repellent, pay attention to how much DEET is present in formulas.

Limit Leaf Playtime

While it may seem fine to let your children play in piles of leaves or in wooded areas, these are where they are most vulnerable to tick bites. Moisture can attract ticks and other insects, so limit their playtime in leaves. You should also keep your grass cut to avoid giving ticks an ideal hunting ground on or around your property.

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Ticks don’t have to keep your family in the home – you can avoid tick bites and take control of your household’s safety by minimizing the amount of skin exposed during outings, spraying tick repellent on household members, and limiting playtime in leaves and heavily wooded areas around or on your property.